Estimating my CineBench R20 score with the new 4800X (4950X)

Discussion created by nec_v20 on Aug 12, 2020
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I have done a lot of work with my 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs (which I have to pay for) and this gives me insight into what kind of CineBench R20 score I will achieve with the coming 4th Gen Ryzen CPUs.

I don't do overclocking and all of my results are done with a configuration which is perfectly safe to run 24/7. I know this because I have been doing exactly that for the past eight months or so with my 3950X where I have a max CineBench R20 score of 10,170.

For the 4800X I estimate that I will be able to get - with a configuration suitable for running 24/7 - a CineBench R20 score of at least 6,570 points. I am assuming that the 4800X will be an 8 Core/16 Thread CPU.

For the 4950X (which will I assume be a 16 Core/32 Thread CPU) I should be able to get a CineBench R20 score of 12,800, again with a configuration that is suitable for 24/7 use.

I should be able to get a single core score of at least 615.


I would like  to stress again, that I will be getting these scores - or more - WITHOUT OVERCLOCKING

When the CPUs are released, don't expect the Tech Media or Tech Youtubers who get their stuff for free to get anywhere near these scores, because they have been either too lazy or too stupid to even configure Ryzen 3rd Gen properly - even though they have had a year to learn it.


If anyone from AMD is reading this and wondering how I will do this without overclocking, they can get in contact with me.