PC will only wake up from sleep after rolling back to an older video driver via a restore point.

Discussion created by greentree on Aug 11, 2020

Sometime in July 2020, I believe, my PC would not wake up from sleep. When I hit the power button on the PC it would start up fans and lights, but the monitor would get no signal. I had to do a hard shutdown by holding down the PC power button for 5 to 10 seconds.

I thought maybe it was because of Windows 10 Pro version 2004. I did a clean reset to v1909. That did not help. Success only happened after I did a true clean install to version 1909 from a USB flash stick created by an older Windows Media Creation Tool (MediaCreationTool1909.exe). So sleep/wake then worked.

I updated the Radeon HD 7750 video card driver to the version recommended by Driver Booster Free. Sleep/wake still worked.

But then I updated to the latest video driver put out by AMD. It was recommended by Driver Easy Free. The same waking problem occurred. Driver Easy does not require WHQL certification from Microsoft for the drivers it recommends. Driver Booster does.

Rolling back the driver via device manager did not help. But going back to a restore point that I had created just before the latest video driver update solved the sleep/wake problem.

At some points when sleep/wake was broke I could not even do a hard shutdown via the PC power button. I had to unplug the power from the PC. Then plug it back in.

I may try version 2004 of Windows 10 Pro later on with the latest Windows Media Creation Tool (MediaCreationTool2004.exe). I will see if the sleep/wake problem occurs with WHQL-certified video drivers for Radeon HD 7750.