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Few weeks ago some visual artifacts appeared

Question asked by deaglez on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2020 by deaglez
  • Issue Description: Two or free weeks ago, some visual artifacts appeared. For example, when I open Slack from a minimized window, it shows with grey noisy squares, or when I am receiving notifications in the right lower corner of the screen, they are not showing. 
    Two days ago, to relax I started playing WoW  (the 2008 version)again and I noticed, that even after I put the resolution in concordance with my screen, still, the image is not sharp. Also, some micro shimmering appeared around the letters or lines.
    It's very strange, cause my wife has the exact same laptop, but now the issue appeared. We are using them for approximately the same amount of time. The only difference (besides the described above) is that she can put Ultra video settings and it works pretty decently, but I cannot. And now with the driver update,I can't change the settings, so r5 would be used.
    The temperature is around 65C and heats up to 94C when playing.
  • Hardware: Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL
    Model name: 80TJ
    MTM: 80TJ00F4RA
    Has Radeon R4 integrated, and R5 dedicated video card. 4gigs of RAM, and a6 - 7310, 2.00ghz processor
  • Software: Win 10 64 bit


This are the main problems. In rest, 90% of the time it's good. I am attaching some screenshots below for a visualization of the issue.


Thank you for reading and hope for assistance.