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Recreate raid array with write caching enabled

Question asked by sgtsixpack on Aug 11, 2020

Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570, 3900x, 4 x 14TB wd140EMFZ, 250GB 850 evo, 860 evo 1TB, Corsair HX850, Eaton 5P 1150i, 32GB patriot viper 4400 @ 3600 cl16, RX vega 56, RAID 10 with 4 x 14TB read only cache, 1 legacy non-raid (850evo), 1 volume raid 64KB stripe RW cache(860evo).


I just used "delete array" on my 860evo with data cable attached, it was in legacy mode and was able to configure itself as long as you pulled the data cable before "delete array". So I copied my data by to the 860EVO but now with my 5P 1150i firmware updated; I want to enable write caching for the raid 10, and I don't want to have to copy all my data back. There is a claim its possible from here: