5700XT Incompatibility

Discussion created by brozly on Aug 14, 2020

My video would cut in and out to Black screen every couple seconds, I started off with a 3600 in an Asus Hero board. When I contacted Asus support they refered me to their QVL list, witch didn't include Any 5700 video cards, the Only boards I could find listing 5700's on their QVL were from MSI, so I went with them and a 3800... No Joy, same thing. I posted on Several Forums and never got a single response, but after several months I finally figured it out, I suspected the monitor but convinced myself it Couldn't be that, but finally tried switching it out for an older Asus model, and Poof, that was the problem, everything's running great...The monitor was an LG 34UM67-P