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Freesync through HDMI is not working

Question asked by powernap on Aug 12, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by powernap

I have a 5700XT and a Samsung S24F354 monitor with Freesync through HDMI. It is enabled in control panel and on the OSD in the monitor, but I keep getting tearing inside freesync range of 48-72. In some games like Witcher 3 I only get lower screen tearing that travels slowly upward to the middle, in others like Rage 2 I get the classic split screen tearing. I have tried every driver from 19.11 to 20-8.2 and I get tearing in all games I try unless I enable v-sync. I use DDU to clean when changing drivers. I have tried changing HDMI-cable with no luck. My sons setup with a Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ and a S24F352 monitor has the same issue. Both setups run Windows 10 64 1909 with latest updates. Only way to avoid tearing is v-sync which gives stuttering in several games. I have installed the monitor drivers on both setups and disabled anit-blur on them as well. Tried both freesync ultimate and standard. Makes no difference. I have tried using chill or rtss to stay inside freesync range, but it there is tearing when at 48-72fps if I cap fps or don`t. Anything I can try to make it work? I consider buying another monitor to solve the issue, but I really like the PLS panel and don`t need 70+ fps so if I can I want to stick with my current setup.