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Updating driver makes my PC not recognize the graphics card.

Question asked by tomr234 on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2020 by tomr234

Hello. Today when trying to play F1 2018 (since it was free to get over the weekend) I ran into some pretty severe bugs. I look on their forums and users are advised to update drivers and mine are from 2017 (came with gpu). So I decide to update.


I downloaded the auto updater wizard from the official AMD website. It gives me some options and I download the one which is "officially windows certified" and "widely tested". I also enable the "factory reset" option which deletes old drivers. The download goes smoothly and my pc restarts once it is complete.

Then I start running into issues. The first thing I notice is that my screen resolution has been reset to be the lowest setting. I fix that from control panel without issues. Next I find out that ASUS GPU Tweak 2, a program for gpu diagnostics that came with the card, has stopped working. It gives error "Load vendor.dll Fail. Please install VGA driver.". Here I also saw that the edges of program windows have changed, likely due to a reset of windows aero options. I open up the control panel to fix it, but the windows repair wizard for aero tells me that my graphics drivers need to be updated to be "WDDM-Compliant". Aero used to work on my PC just fine.

I open up System Information to see what has happened, and I am greeted with this screen when I open the display section:


Before I downloaded the new drivers this page was full of "AMD" and "Radeon RX 580" etc. Now it is all generic. I then run DxDiag, and it also comes up with generic information. It is attached.

Where did my graphics card go? Should I try to reinstall the drivers? Should I get a new card? What's going on here?