CPU install on the motheboard - ESD precautions (questions to AMD)

Discussion created by peterq94 on Aug 10, 2020
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Dear AMD Employers and Community,


I have questions about ESD precautions. Don't upload any images and share any links in this topic. We only comment.


I know that ideal practice is have to same potential like devices so I should have ESD mat and esd wrist strap connected to the ground but i have some questions because anyone can't answer me:


- If I will install CPU on motheboard and I will do this on properly grounded ESD mat. Next I want to put motherboard to the case so the question is I should put the case on ESD mat or case should be on the table near ESD mat?


- I don't want advices about connecting wrist strap to the case or PSU because they are painted so they don't ground me and devices.


- If I don't have ESD mat I should put motherboard on the clean table or better practice is put motherboard on the top of ESD bag which motherboard come from? I finded video from AMD and Mr. Robert putted motherboard on the top of ESD bag: How to Install AMD Ryzen™ Processors - YouTube 


I heard that ESD bag is not good for motherboard and better is place on the table or box if we don't have ESD mat:


Linus said that outside of the ESD bag is conductive and this is not good for devices but people from AMD on their video putted motherboard on the bag. Who is wrong?


If someone from AMD (like Mr. Robert) will answer me I will be happy.


Thanks for your time!