Probably a Vulkan driver bug

Discussion created by kusugawa on Aug 11, 2020

The program is simple, I just draw a rectangle( 2 triangle with 4 vertices and 6 indices ),  I captured the frame with RenderDoc, all vertex output is right, but when it step into fragment shader, one vertex's data (position color) does not match the values in vertex's output stage.


In RenderDoc, we can see the vertex output mesh( it's right ), but it does not match shape of the fragment output( render pass attachment, it's fault ).


I tried Vega56 / HD7850 / R5 430, all these cards have the same problem, I hope it's my code's fault, but the RenderDoc indicates that it's very strange and Nvidia cards does not appear to have this problem.


I uploaded the program & shader in the attachment, hope some one can solve this problem.



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