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how do I get help?

Question asked by carbonicholypally on Aug 9, 2020

I am running a ASUS Hero VIII WiFI X570 Motherboard with two 16Gig GSkill 3600 RAM sticks, M2 Rocket Drive 2TB, Kraken Water cooler, Corsair RM1000x power supply, 2070 Super video card. Never overclocked or ran anything but stock set up to maintain lowest temp and best performance life time. Gamed on it then put in sleep mode and came down in morning it was locked up with yellow light (No RAM) along with Error code 07 (Micro Code error) so did ASUS trouble shooting. Checked RAM on other systems so not the problem. Replaced video card with smaller one so not the problem, returned mother board X570 with replacement newer motherboard X570 and now it still with not post or boot. Only component left is CPU 3900X has to be the problem.  From reading reports this Processer has huge issues!