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My computer freezes randomly (mostly during multimedia playback) with RX 5700 even after format. Troubleshooting in windows 10 gives me an error 2147942408. What is wrong? I am in the warranty

Question asked by nemesisam on Aug 9, 2020

The monitor first goes black, then in a few seconds I lose signal, the sound freezes, a few seconds after that the keyboard loses responsiveness and then freezes as well. My whole system is based on AMD as I trust you guys much more. But this never happened with any of my Nvidia cards.... It happens almost every day...


The multimedia troubleshooting gives an 2147942408 graphic card error but I cant find what is wrong.   


Everything is updated and new formated.


I send you my DxDiag file. Thank you for your help!


EDIT: After some f the AMD employees saw the post, still no response. Should I return it to the retailer? I should know before my warranty expires (in 2 months).