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Minecraft low FPS

Question asked by abcgaia on Aug 8, 2020

Hi all,


When trying to run minecraft java edition (vanilla), my computer is getting horrible fps (like 20-30) with a Vega 64. I can run other games just fine (like running Doom Eternal on ultra gives me 120+ fps), so I think something is wrong with my software setup or install for minecraft.


Things I see that might be problematic are:

- The computer lists the device in Radeon software and device manager as a "Radeon RX Vega" and not Vega 64

- My GPU usage is extremely low when running minecraft. I don't even think it is leaving the first power state (0) like it should be for gaming (1-7 lights don't come on). Its also <12% usage in task manager

- Minecraft doesn't show up as a game in Radeon Software and can't be added because of the launcher


The system seems to run fine for all other games and apps (i.e. 3D mark). I tried my best to uninstall radeon software before a reinstall and update. None of this seemed to help. Not really sure what is going on here so advice would be great. Thanks!



System Specs:

CPU:  Ryzen 5 2600

Mobo: x470i Strix

RAM: 16GB GSkill DDR4

GPU: Sapphire Vega 64 (air)