5700XT weird flicker

Discussion created by lotusmad2001 on Aug 8, 2020
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Good morning all


I have just bought a Gigabyte 5700XT OC


Currently when playing games I have a weird glitch when I move my mouse from side to side, when I move quickly there is almost an artifact that flashes, you'd almost call it a stutter but the mouse movement feels smooth. It is worse vertically, so for instance if you were looking at a building and move the mouse quickly from side to side the vertical parts of the building shift fractionally almost like a frame tear (this is with Freesync enabled)


The problem is much worse on standard clocks, however once undervolted the problem is almost gone but not completely.


Can anyone put me in the right direction?


Blown away how powerful this card is however, reminds me when I got a 6800GT years and years back


all the best