No game/headset audio using relive

Discussion created by pauli_pierre on Aug 7, 2020

Hello. I am a relatively new PC user, and I am having a lot of trouble trying to record audio using the 'instant replay' option in the amd software. It records the video absolutely fine however I get zero game and headset audio. 


I have tried all the methods using google search and still nothing, such as reinstalling the driver software, uninstalling the realtek audio driver, changing the values to 0 and 1 in the registry etc etc. I am at my wits end!!! I don't understand why I am not getting any audio. default audio is set to the headset. I have literally tried everything I found on google (apparently this is a well known issue). What am I missing?


I am running the ryzen 3600 processor, radeon 5600 xt, alongside the Steelseries Arctis 9x which requires a windows usb adapter to run (it is wireless).


Please help!!