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3900XT - high idle temperatures, (also not hitting max speeds on single threads)

Question asked by johnnye on Aug 5, 2020

I recently changed from my Intel rig to a brand new AMD 3900XT/ Aorus Master x570 with 32 Gb G.Skill CL 16 - 3600, 2080Ti Xtreme, NZXT z73 360 AIO.

I observe high idle temperatures (that is around 55-61 degrees celcius) under 2% load.. When I stress my computer with AIDA64 etc the temperatures never exceed 75 degrees celcius.

I have used different settings either from BIOS or Ryzen Master and it seems that nothing fixes it. (PBO off / On, autoOverclock on/off etc)

I have now restored all to factory default with AMD balanced power plan and the CPU behaves exactly the same as when on High Performance or Windows Balanced. I have even tried 1usmus power plan and fiddled with the BIOS settings he advised. Really nothing seems to remedy this.

It really leaves me to think that something is wrong, how is it possible that at 2% load (idling) the temps are moving erratically from 61- 48 degrees celcius and then back to 61? Is this a normal chip behavior? Is my motherboard the issue or the processor?

Does anyone have an explanation to this or any solution?


Many Thanks!!