AMD ryzen 7 pro 4750u with radeon graphics

Discussion created by fsanchez on Aug 6, 2020

Hello everyone.

In my company we have a little problem, we have the Lenovo T14 with the processor mentioned above.

To install devices we use a PXE boot, then Grub is loaded and then an Ubuntu 18.04 live build is loaded. The Ubuntu live build is a basic one without graphical interface, just a terminal, the problem is that  we are not able to see any image, the screen stays blank this is also happening with AMD A9-9420e RADEON R5

The image starts and the installation is done but we cannot see anything, we have tried different Grub options, changing the gfxpayload and trying to force the video resolution. We have also tried different kernels, by default we use the Ubuntu hwe kernel 5.4 but we also tried kernel 5.6 and 5.7 with the same result.


Since we have image after installation I suppose we are not loading the necessary module in the kernel for the live build, can somebody help me here?