Displayport gives out of range (no signal) from my new XFX RX 580

Discussion created by mahmoudayman on Aug 3, 2020
Works fine during bios and windows loading screen
when Uninstalled amd driver it worked fine on max resolution (1680x1050) When reinstalled amd driver 
 the problem came back again and found out the max resolution working is 1024x768 if increased monitor gives "out of range again" while the amd driver is installed which mean the problem is from the driver
Dvi working fine with all of the resolutions on my monitor (NEC EA223WM)

displayport working fine with my old EVGA GTX 750Ti

My Specs I3-9100F , Asus TUF 310H , 8 GB Ram, RGPS-500W

AMD Drivers version : 20.4.2 also tried 20.7