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Display tab missing in the software

Question asked by robz9514 on Aug 2, 2020

I'm not able to locate the display tab on either a game selection or in the main settings in the software. 
It seemes like it has something to do with my monitor not registering into the software. 


I have this monitor:

Connected with a displayport cable. 

I need to get into these settings so I can play CS:GO on 4:3 stretched 1280:1024, currently I get black bars when I change to 4:3 and that is what I want to remove. 

Lots of tutorials are showing specific and easy instructions on how to remove the black bars and they are direct me over to the display tab, which Im currently not seeing, and I have no idea why? 

I got a Sapphire Raedon 5600 XT with an i5 9600k. 

Do you guys think that connecting my monitor via HDMI will bring up the settings? But if I do so, will I then lose quailty on my gameplay? 
My drivers are up to date. w