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issues with radeon software

Question asked by stewpotuk on Aug 1, 2020

hi, just wondering if someone could not entirely sure what is going on here but every time i play a game, at some point it will crash, maybe 10 mins or 1 hour into it and when it tells me to close because its not responding i have 2 Radeon software's open, when i highlight them 1 disappears, it happens so far with, Death Stranding, Warzone, Gold Rush and a few more my system specs are....


Ryzen 7 3800x 8 core

16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro

RX 590 8GB

ROG Strix x570-F Gaming Motherboard


everything is up to date and also windows is up to date, i found a way to solve the issues with warzone just by under clocking my graphics card, i shouldn't have to do that...i have tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling maybe 5-10 times to no help..cant find any solution online and everyone i ask says the same thing over and over...try reinstalling this and that, but i have done it all....please can someone help me, its driving me insane.


i will attach a pic of the Radeon software showing 2 just after a Death Stranding crash.


Thank you in advance, i appreciate it.