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Lines forming on Amd APU display (Linux Mint)

Question asked by parol on Jul 31, 2020

Hi, I'm using Linux Mint. The screen also tingles streaks etc. consists.(It doesn't happen when I'm writing right now. I mean, you know, I open a window and there's movement and stuff. It forms very little on its own.) I used Parrot Sec before that I saw the same ones in him. I used Windows 10 to test it never had a problem. As I understand it, there is no hardware problem, everything is driver, support etc. have done with I think. How do I solve it ? Do I have to install a driver ? I called I couldn't find the driver.(At the same time, the Mint driver discovery application also did not remove the driver at all.) Help, do not want to return to the Windows. Amd Ryzen 3400G, 8x2 ram,Gigabyte B450M-Sh2  Thanks

(I use translate sorry.)