ryzen 7 2700x temperature and blue screen issue

Discussion created by neidim on Aug 2, 2020

Hello everyone. i have problem with my new ryzen 7 2700x. first promblem is random blue screen. second one is my bios shows me much higher cpu temp compared to aida64 or CPUID HWMonitor, etc.. something like 60C bios temp, and 40-45 CPUID HWMonitor. i am ussing windows 7, motherboard x370 pro4, nvidia gtx 770. when i buy the MB it was 6.00 bios version, but to support ryzen 7 2700x i was supposed to downgrade the bios version to 4.80. ive try to instal AMD Ryzen Master, when i launch the program i got blue screen again,  then  after the restart, pc crash again at the launch of the windows, i deleted the softwere after using safe mode. windows started normally again, but the issue with temperature and random blue screen is still there. please someone tell me why this happens? is cpu defect? or the problem comes because of bios downgrade? or what?