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Freesync problem with 20.7.2

Question asked by tus2101 on Jul 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by accn

Since I updated to the new driver I have problems with freesync. When I played a game ( noticed it especially in the division 2) and go back to the desktop my refresh rate is stuck at 82 Hz. I have to restart my monitor to make it work again. That was the case with two different freesync monitors. The msi mag24cr and my new Samsung Odyssey G7.

Is there any solution besides returning to the old driver?


My Specs:

R5 3600

MSI B450 gaming plus

16 GB Corsair vengeance lpx 3200CL16

Reference  RX 5700XT 

Be quiet pure power 11 600W

1 TB intel 660p nvme ssd