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USB Audio stuttering - SOLUTION

Question asked by amerelium on Jul 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Ever since getting my new system, I've experienced audio crackle coming from my secondary audio whenever there is some screen activity; external DAC via USB. Note: Primary audio, internal Realtek, has NOT had this issue.



I finally was able to fix it, but setting the PCI Express from gen 4 to 3 in the Bios (left the Southbridge at 4) - more accurately: I set PCIE_a to 3, PCIE_b to 2, and the PCIs to 1 (not in use anyway)



Now, I don't know if it is a MB issue, GFX card issue, or driver issue, but sound is now clean.


ASUS TUF Gaming X570 Plus

Ryzen 9 3950X
Sapphire Pulse 5700 XT