Amd Graphics settings makes the wrong decisions

Discussion created by dec35 on Jul 26, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by disciple7

Hi, I recently bought a Dell G5 SE (or as some like to call it Dell G5 5505) which has a Ryzen 5 4600H and Radeon Rx 5600m. Every game I own and run on this laptop is running fine and smoothly but Minecraft which uses Java is running on the AMD Radeon integrated graphics. There is no way to add a power plan and set it to "high performance" (as I saw people do with intel CPUs) and I am guessing this is due to AMD smartshift. (Basically, smartshift shifts the power between the CPU and GPU. Smartshift is only available on the Dell g5 se for the moment as it's the only laptop to use AMD CPU and GPU.) So, going back to minecraft, I'm guessing that since Java is mostly a CPU based programm, Smartshift decides to use the integrated graphics at Minecraft's launch instead of my graphics card (radeon rx 5600m). In vanilla minecraft I get low fps (60 to 90fps) but when I want to put shaders on, I get around 10 fps. This is when the integrated graphics should be swapped for the dedicated GPU. I wish there was an option to force Smartshift to set Java to use the GPU and not integrated graphics. Though I might be wrong and in this case, please notify me and tell me what the issue is please. 

Thanks for reading this big thread (no pun intended) but this is a big issue for me.

Have a good day!