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RX 5700 XT Black Screens from windows starting logo

Question asked by grandami on Jul 26, 2020
My screen started stuttering and blacking out while playing games and now I'm facing a full black screen after windows starting loading logo.
I have Formatted PC nad reinstall windows about 4 times now and It didn't solved yet. I use Windows Iso file from Official Microsoft site.
Yet facing same Issue. Then I tried to boot into a safe mode it worked and I uninstalled Display Drivers then My PC was running good. I was watching movies, YouTube all works fine but no GPU drivers so no Games that hurts. So I reinstalled latest Drivers (GPU-AMD RX5700XT) in first boot all looks good it worked and I started game then after few min game crashed. started it again after some time game crashed again. then I started game again (game = Valorant). This time Faced Blue screen Error and after restarting same Black screen issue after windows starting loading logo full Blackout.
Then I wen into Safe Mode again and this time used DDU and reinstalled drivers and same happend again.
Things I tried but facing same issue-
-Multiple Reinstalling Windows (No pirated windows)
-Tried older GPU drivers
-Desmentalling whole PC and reassembling
-Tried Different Monitor and TV