Radeon Settings doesn't open

Discussion created by facu_millo on Jul 26, 2020

Hello guys. I bought a Radeon RX 5500. I had an Intel I7-7700 already installed.


I installed new drivers without problems. But when I try to open Radeon Settings, nothing happens. Then I saw that Vegas doesn't work neither. I tried these solutions Can't open Radeon Settings. But when I try to update Intel drivers, it says that my device does not meet the minimum requirements for software installation. I also noticed that, although I uninstall Radeon driver, my display controller is not "HD Graphics 630" but generic windows driver. So...


It seems that there is a compatibility problem with iGPU and GPU (because when I go to task manager, it is named as GPU 0). 



But I cannot be sure. Thank you very much.