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Dual Monitors flickering on and off

Question asked by dayhak0 on Jul 25, 2020

So guys listen, I am not a computer guy So i really need help.

About 2 months ago I updated my video drivers for my AMD radeon R9 360.  Ever since I have had non stop issues that I cannot seem to resolve no matter how many fixes i try.

Anytime I try to adjust any settings on my second monitor, both screens begin to flicker and the PC becomes unusable.  I have to reset the computer before I can have control again. 

I am not able to adjust any settings, including resolution, refresh rate, etc.  Any attempt made to try and change settings, sends my monitors into these seizures.

I have attached a video 


Has anyone else had these issues?  Its been months.  I have kept my drivers updated but the issue does not seem to resolve for me.


Can anyone please help so I can start using my computer again?