AMD RX5700XT possible black screen error

Discussion created by iorangex on Jul 25, 2020
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People, how are you doing? .. I was seeing some things about the error of the black screen with the 5700XT graphic, I realized that it happens in certain games, and in some games it does not happen. Let me explain it better, I have been playing Mortal Kombat 11, for several hours without any problem, now when I play assassins creed 1, 2, brotherhood, revelation the black screen comes every 2 hours or 3 hours continuous, and when the black screen comes I have to restart the pc. So I think this comes from the side of the amd controller, now they released a new version that is 20.7.2, but in this version "PES 2020" does not work, so I suppose there must be a problem with the drivers, and games conflict, it's the only thing I can think of. The only thing that I hope and pray, is that it is something of the controllers, and not a problem of the graph of the series "RX5000", I hope that this can be solved by amd with the controllers. I know my computer is not, because this appeared when I bought the msi rx5700xt mech, before I had a gigabyte aorus gtx1080 extreme and these black screens did not have it. My source I know that it is not either, because it is a gigabyte g750h plus gold. The only thing I hope people who are something of the controller and that those of amd can solve it because I no longer have any more guarantee in the gpu, to change the thermal pads, to improve the temperatures of the graph, since the thermal pads that came from The factory was disgusting, it did not even cover the entire vram memory, nor the vrm. So if it becomes something from the graph, rather from amd's production, I am ruined because I will not be able to return it. Changing the thermal pads, I have lowered the junction temperatures, the normal temperature of the gpu, and the temperature of the vram memory, I have passed the furmark, and with an undervolting of 1950mhz, and 1000v, it does not exceed 65 degrees , and the junction temperature does not exceed 85 degrees, and the vram memory reaches 84, 85. Hopefully, in the next amd controllers they can be solving it, and we can all enjoy the graphics in peace, without searching solutions at all times .. Greetings and I send a hug to all.