Msi Gaming X RX 5600 XT problems (i think)

Discussion created by sgmatei on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by chris1969

I just finished my first pc and I have some issues with it. It's a ryzen 5 3600, rx 5600 xt msi gaming x, 16 gb ram corsair vengeage at 3200 mhz, b450 aorus elite atx and 1tb hdd 120gb ssd and a cv650 corsair psu. After I powered the pc up I installed the windows 10 pro. I installed chrome and started to install the drivers. ai tried to automaticly install the drivers and didn't work so I decided to install them manually. Everything worked well but I started to see some flickering dots that were different colors but mostly white or grey. They were appearing and dissapearing everytime I was moving my mouse. That's not the only weird thing that is happening. There are some lines and shapes appearing and disspearing again everytime I move my mouse. I think that this things are from the gpu or from the monitor. I switched the hdmi cable and it's the same thing. i updated only the gpu drivers because cpu drivers was installing me ryzen master and when i tried to open it, it was working some minutes and then chrashing. Some games are also chrashing like minecraft or csgo sometimes. I also have 16gb ram and everywhere they are showing just 8gb. If anyone can help me please!