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sr4 lamplight driver error

Question asked by cllaudee on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2020 by hardcoregames™

hello! I have a 7 3700x processor, and my main board is currently an ASUS b450-f. For some reason, my CPU fan keeps "disconnecting" and windows gives an error. If I go to devices and watch it, something called "SR4 lamplight controller" keeps going on and then off, with "driver error" as the reason. I uninstalled all of the AMD drivers and wraith prism, and reinstalled them all including the chipset and I keep getting the error? Other than that I unplugged it from the board's CPU_fan spot and reseated it, and then tried it in different spots and it STILL has the issue. IDK what to do :/ I can use the PC but it drives me nuts seeing the CPU fan flash on and off, AND since windows wants to recognize it the stupid USB connected/disconnected sounds are non stop lol... 


i added a video pls ignore my desktop oops. I have dual monitors but i disconnected one bc ive been troubleshooting for like 4 hours .. i have so much homework due soon lol.