5700 XT causing computer Crashing

Discussion created by caboose on Jul 23, 2020
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I recently got my hands on a Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT as an upgrade. I ensured that my old drivers were removed and then added the new drivers. I keep experiencing crashes during game play on mid to high end games. My old graphics card could handle the mid tier demands without an issue but when the 5700 is faced with those graphical demands it crashes at random times. Loading, mid play, cut scenes, in 5 minutes, in 1 hour... its just random.


I feared it was a wattage issue so I upgraded my Power Supply. 

After that didnt work I returned the card and got a new 5700.

After that didnt work... well im here.


Is my CPU too weak?

My RAM sticks arent great but could that be an issue?

Please someone help me, im $REALLY$ out of my budget at this point.