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can't change screen resolution of 1 monitor on FirePro W600

Question asked by shawnsbrain66 on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by elstaci

I have a computer running an AMD FirePro w600 with six 24" monitors.


Other specs:



Win10 Pro


It's been working great for about 4 years.

A couple days ago the hard drive died, so I replaced it.

I installed the latest version of Win10 Pro.

I didn't have to load any drivers for the w600.


I set it up and everything worked. All the monitors fired up and I only needed to adjust the order of the monitors to match.

The next day, one of the monitors is running at 25% the resolution of the rest of the monitors.(which are at 1920x1200).
When I try to change the resolution, the resolution choices are grayed out.
I double checked the connections. No luck.
I download the latest AMD driver. No luck.


What happened between yesterday and today, and how can I fix it?