Changing Hotkeys not really working

Discussion created by jhab on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by ping

Does anyone else have problems with assigning different hotkeys? Driver version 20.7.2.


For example, Save Instant Replay has the hotkey of "CTRL+SHIFT+S" right now and it only lets me change it if I use CTRL+SHIFT with my desired key. So I can't just assign the "S" key on it's own or other combinations of different keys. It always has to be CTRL+SHIFT.


Radeon Chill on the other hand has F11 as default and only let's me assign the F1-F12 keys.


I don't think that's the intended behavior, or at least hope it's not.


I already filed a bug report through the new reporting tool that comes with the latest Radeon Driver software.