AMD Chipset Driver not installed(and SATA,RAID,NVMe too...)

Discussion created by pterax on Jul 20, 2020
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Hello, the other day I purchased a motherboard from MSI(B450 Gaming Plus Max) and wanted to install drivers on it. But there was a problem with the chipset driver, it doesn't want to be installed in any way. If I try to install the chipset driver from the disk that came with the board, I get a message about an error (file: error 2, in the attachments of the designation, where which one). If I download the driver for the chipset from the AMD website or from the MSI website in the support section for my motherboard, I get another error (file: error 1). If I try to install the SATA, NVMe, RAID driver, I get another error (file: error). From all these errors, one can understand that these drivers for some reason think that I do not have an AMD system, although this is fundamentally not So, of course, I didn’t install the driver before, that is, I wanted to install them on an absolutely clean system, without traces of past drivers. All other drivers were installed without problems from the disk or from other sites. I hope you can help me !!!