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Problems with AMD Radeon 8750m and 8650g

Question asked by bash348 on Jul 21, 2020

Hello, I have used my computer since 2-3 years but only for light gaming (don't really need GPU for it), but two weeks ago my friends started to play Fortnite and I want to play aswell, but my notebook doesn't run it even on the lowest settings... I thought it was because the requirements were very high, but after reading in internet I came to the conclusion that something was wrong... There I started fortnite and opened task manager to see if GPU was being used, and it was on 0%... I tried more apps but no one got it to a number higher than 0% and it didn't showed on task manager as GPU engine neither. Since then I have been trying to make it work but nothing has given any result...


Things I have done:


2) Updating everything that is possible in Windows Update

1) Open Device Manager and uninstalled the graphic cards (both of them) and after that installing them with windows update.

3) Using Display Driver Uninstaller and after that using Radeon Software to install the Drivers

4) Opened graphic settings and did put classic applicaction and added the apps that I wanted to apply GPU to.

5) Download Razer Cortex and it didnt show any GPU usage

6) Put high performance on battery settings


My notebook properties:

AMD a10-5750M APU 2.50 GHz

8gb ram

GPU: AMD Radeon 8750m and 8650g

Windows 10

64 Bits


I really don't know what else to do... Please any help will be very appreciated!