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RDP Video Freezing with AMD Radeon Pro WX8200

Question asked by scottveix on Jul 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by fsadough

We are working remote running Inventor 2020 on Windows 10 machines at work and home running Windows RDP and SonicWall NetExttender.  Workstation I’m remoting in to has an AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 (19.Q4 driver).  When I do heavy video crunching with Inventor, orbit moves, pan and zoom, regen/rebuild, changing level of detail, etc. the remote session lags and hesitates.  And often the RDP session freezes but only with heavy graphics load. 


For example, when I’m doing an orbit command in Inventor the mouse point changes to a small orbit symbol.  When the remote session freezes the mouse pointer stays that symbol regardless of where I move it.  I can click in other windows, hit ESC, anything, and the pointer stays that way and nothing on the screen changes.  Only way I have found to un-freeze the RDP session is to shut it down and re-launch it.


I was thinking the entire RDP session was locking up until today that showed me 100% this is only video locking.  Was running Inventor and orbiting and crunching the video in a large assembly and RDP froze.   Couldn't pick anything or do any commands.  As I was moving my mouse across the screen, I saw the mouse icon pop up with the symbol to adjust the width of a window.  I clicked and tried that several times, nothing changed.  Then I clicked in the Start command box and typed cmd <enter>.  No text appeared and nothing changed on my screen.  I shut down RDP and relaunched it.  When it came up the windows were stretched the way I was moving them AND THE COMMAND WINDOW WAS OPEN.  This tells me 100% that the computer was still functioning and active, the mouse and keyboard was still working fine, the only thing going on was THE VIDEO WAS LOCKED UP.  Only way I know to reset that is to restart the RDP session. 


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening (and a fix?) or does anything know a way to reset the video display for RDP session without logging off???