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Why is my Ryzen 2200g outperforming my 2600?

Question asked by rev_night on Jul 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by rev_night
So I have a HTPC that I use for light gaming, with the performance target of 1080@60. I recently had a 2200G in there, which was fine, and I got decent FPS at FarCry 5 (below). I chose this game to be the defacto benchmark because of how CPU sensitive it is. I bought a 2600 (non-X), and installed it, and my FPS sucks! Min, Avg, and Max are down significantly. Thinking its a compatibility issue, I upgrade my chipset drivers, bios, graphics drivers, install Ryzen Master, etc.. Still the fps sucks. And yes, I made sure vsync wasn't on, game settings were the same, radeon settings same, etc..
In Open Hardware Monitor, I see the 6 cores with Max freq values of 3900mhz, so I know they are hitting their listed top speed. CPU Utilization is 100%, and GPU utilization is close to 100% too. All clocks and temps appear to be fine. In Cinebench R15, R20, and wPrime 1024, my 2600 gets similar scores to other 2600, although a few % points lower.
How is my lowly 2200G, and especially my ancient I3, crushing my 2600?
1080 Fps: (Min, Avg, Max)
Old I3-3350P: 41, 58, 82
Ryzen 2200G: 54, 67, 94
Ryzen 2600: 36, 46, 72
Ryzen 2200G (4C/4T)
Ryzen 2600 (6C/12T)
MSI A320M Gaming Pro (Bios was B, now its I. Most recent is K-Beta)
Radeon 480x (Was 20.5.2, now 20.7.2 via DDU/Factory Install)
8gb 2133 Ram
Win 10