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After Radeon drivers, when monitor is turned off after screensaver, the computer will crash and reboot.

Question asked by tuffthegamer on Jul 19, 2020

Brand new windows 10 pro install.  After installing the radeon drivers, setting the screensaver timeout and the turn off monitor timeout, once the turn off monitor timeout is reached, the monitor does shutoff, then a few minutes later the computer will crash and reboot.  No blue screen, just reboots.   I have turned off power management for sleep.  No sleep, no hybrid sleep, never turn off harddrives.  Left only screensaver and turn off monitor features.   Still crashes after putting monitor to sleep.    I changed option to never for turning off the monitor, so only the screensaver runs after the selected period of time.  Let the computer run for hours, no crashing.


This occurred with the 20.4.2 and even the latest 20.7.2.  I did a clean install of windows and did not install any radeon drivers, this issue never occured, only after installing the Radeon drivers did this specific issue occur.


Haven't even had a chance to run any games yet..


I am using a ASRock B550 Steel Legend, 3900X, Sapphire Pulse 5700xt.