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can reballing amd gpu chipset do any good ?

Question asked by thenine9- on Jul 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by colesdav

hello everyone

i have bought a second handed rog strix rx 580 8GB

i assume it was used for mining but i only used it for gaming purposes

one day i had so much display freezes and locks up even my gpu temp dcresed from 40 to 28 or less

and suddenly every time i turned my pc on it says no signal and fans did not spinned

i checked gpu board and everything looked fine ( using multimeter ) except for chipset Capacitor

i used heat gun to give it bit of heat 

after i wrap it back together i turned on and it showed somthing and fan spinned 

before this problem whenever i turned on my pc gpu temp was around 40 but now its around 25 degree celsius

after a 1 or 2 min or maybe a bit more ( it happens randomly ) gpu crashes and monitor says no signal 

i used the heat gun method again but no changes this time 

i was wondering if i can fix it with reballing 

and i have heard that raballing amd gpu might work but for very low amount of time like 2 days or less or more depends on gpu usage whether for mining or not


thank you for reading