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Optimized AMD super computers and software?

Question asked by eccentric on Jul 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by hardcoregames™ 

in the past some of the worlds fastest super computers were built with stackable opteron CPU's. 

but back then and even now most code and software is optimized for intel CPU's. But AMD CPU's have originally always had support for the same SSE and MMX extensions as intel but then added a huge number of extra extensions which were more complex and longer. Like mmx or SSE was maybe around 20 instructions long but AMD had 3dnow and other extensions which were closer to 30 long each or more. So as long as somebody properly optimized their games and software for AMD you could do more things like better and faster 3d rendering and animation or physics and many other things that require maths so yeah even video games should benefit. So AMD has released plugins and software like "pro render" developed with some staff who worked on pixars renderman and they made it a plugin you have to get and install to your 3d software its an industry standard. But years later nvidia sort of stole it and marketed it for games as far as I can see and called it RTX or something dumb like that is how things look to me. But basically to use an AMD CPU you need a special AMD compiler. You need to enable the correct flags for the compiler. But for the life of me I cant find all the lists of supported CPU extensions clearly shown and advertised on AMD's website for any of their CPU's.


Without knowing what extensions the CPU has and supports so we can compile for them or searching the AMD developer section for hours to find all the necessary tools and plugins to use 3d software correctly as its meant to be when nvidia just paid all the software developers or something so they're automatically loaded and ready and set by default.



You see when nvidia started out graphics cards were very expensive and used quadratic polygons. Nvidia wanted to halve their memory buffer and wireframe and hardware requirements so they cut the quadrangles (rectangles) in half and said our graphics cards are better they cost less and support triangles! and we draw double the number of polygons and have double the fill rate (every rectangle was two triangles one flipped and reversed so they counted them twice or whatever) but they still werent as fast as true graphics cards that cost alot so.. nvidia faked their benchmarks like you wouldnt believe for decades. Nvidia's literal exact precise and only business function was to "cut corners" theres no other way to say turning rectangles into triangles to save on hardware costs and report double the number of polygons isnt cutting corners.They crushed and bought out all the competition (bye bye voodoo 3dfx) and drastically slashed prices and sold cheap garbage that looked like it was similar to real graphics hardware. They used all this "memory clamping" and "specific limited texture compression" to make their games use less VRAM so they could sell cheaper cards for more money with lower VRAM usage while at the same time slowing things down for AMD probably. they looked at all the world standards and industry standards and 3d software and games and said "if we make our own games and software and sell enough graphics cards everyone will have to use our broken way of doing things" Their shadows were broken non standards their everything was half baked half arsed and backwards and whatever worked but looked similar was fine. Their texture quality was awful. But it was cheaper and the faked benchmarks paid reviewers and the world not knowing any better bought them up and physically altered their software and games and apps to default to nvidia's lousy garbage. Almost all the video game and 3d software companies on earth are outright bought and owned or developed by chinese companies like tencent. And the minute they're a publisher or developer thats owned by a company thats chinese or tencent or something they no longer run fast on AMD or other american hardware. They will never be optimized and barely run at all on AMD when they should maybe be a little faster than nvidia in many cases. 

One particular example is DOOM ETERNAL. Doom 2016 was fantastic and runs on vulkan so how could AMD's mantle API originally titled OPENGL NEXT but was taken over by a stampede of different industry giants probably owned by asians who changed its direction and created VULKAN its ideal for AMD systems and graphics cards doom2016 performs VERY WELL on AMD in vulkan. But then once DOOM and every other game under the sun changes owner or publisher and sells out they no longer run on AMD well at all like DOOM ETERNAL even red dead 2 appears better optimized bleargh.. Titles like fortnite had sky high FPS on AMD cards in some early alphas and betas. Then the unreal engine turned to garbage somehow overnight when they "optimized for nvidia".

I understand that all the poor people in third world countries dont know what a graphics card is and who dont have books or internet and happily pay more for intel CPU's or nvidia graphics cards throwing their money away on inferior goods.. So I can see that they are trying hard to reach their intended market with cheap goods for high prices to poor uneducated people. But its sooo very obvious when the same game gets released over and over and over and the only thing that changes is the graphics look a bit prettier. Look at titles like mass effect andromeda tell me that wasnt a step backwards!? all the call of duties and battlefields and what not they reuse the same 3d graphics libraries and animations which is fine but at least make the core gameplay and game mechanics better. A game should feel fun just using the control keys and mouse to move around and shooting stuff should feel satisfying like in doom 2016 jumping around and grapping ledges and doing kill animations and exploding heaps of demons was mighty satisfying.. but suddenly doom eternal tried to put in anticheat that makes your whole computer slow down by 20% call me an idiot but I think those guys are dumb just do or use whatever was in doom 2016. If it aint broke dont fix it.


I'd love to see some things optimized for AMD CPU's and AMD GPU's but I understand its maybe not obvious how to do this to people. So I hope somebody can take the time to learn and figure it out and post guides on windows and games and linux developer forums and intel and AMD CPU forums.

I think the only few computers out there actually optimized for AMD are the one or two super computers running AMD hardware with custom built made to order software probably made by AMD themselves. I'm pretty sure even microsoft havent been trying as hard as they maybe could with AMD.. i mean there should maybe be entirely separate OS installers and code and stuff you know? I reckon most of the OS just isnt AMD friendly would be my guess i mean you can say it runs but it isn't optimized at all probably. So am I the bad guy for wanting people to optimize for AMD? if they wont optimize for AMD they shouldnt say they support AMD they dont they only support intel and nvidia.