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"Amd System" update issue on HP Pavilion notebook

Question asked by ozanbi on Jul 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by bam

Hi, I updated my laptop via Windows Update on 10th of July. The only update was "AMD - System". After the update, my computer's shut down and reboot times reached up to 1-2 min. There is no performance issue when I'm using it, but it takes too long to turn off and restart. It has nvme m.2 ssd and there is something wrong with this update. When I click turn off, the screen goes black immediately as usual, but laptop keeps working for about 1-2 min. AMD System seems as driver update and can not be removed.


My laptop model is HP Pavilion Gaming 15-Ec0005nt, and there are more users in HP forums, facing this problem. We need an update or solution. Please help us.