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Radeon Relive Clips Not Working

Question asked by he3ck on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2020 by macxd

so Im using a rx 5700 xt with the current latest drivers and I have this reoccurring problem where the clipping part of radeon relive doesn't work, I can record videos just fine but when I try to save a clip I just get the "saving..." screen until it fades away and nothing happens, usually there isn't a clip but oddly this time I got an incomplete mp4 that I can't open, however trying it again now after I closed the game I was playing I can't recreate that part. Every time that I update my drivers it'll work for a while then at a certain point that I can't figure out it just stops working, I'll try to clip one time and it won't save. Then it stays like that until I either update if there was one or reinstall the current drivers. I've already tried using ddu to remove my old nvidia drivers and I've updated and reinstalled my drivers multiple times but nothing works. If anyone else has been having this problem I would greatly appreciate some help here. If this is the wrong category just let me know, thanks.