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w5100 crashes on windows restart

Question asked by wantagebob on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by elstaci

ms W10 2004 since May, restart fails to complete resulting in the Black screen of death.

Dell t5810 tower workstation

Xeon E5 processor

lots of memory, storage, etc.

Monitor: Dell U2414H

Most of the system was placed on-line in 2015-16.

When applying patch/update that requires reStart, there is disc activity,

the Dell Splash screen appears (<F2> will take me into Bios set-up)

When screen switches from VGA to AMD drivers, the crash occurs.

Disc activity continues, however the screen remains black.

Attempted solutions:

DDU and AMD clean utility

clean and reseat

Fresh AMD driver/software - Radeon Pro from 19Q1 to current

Regedit, add Tdr Delay =8, =10d


Ran Dell Assist tests on complete system.

W5100 underload went from 42 C to 74 C and passed all test as well as monitor


3-4 interrupted boots into trouble shooting, works most of the time.

Totally powered off and power plug removed, works most of the time.

The immediate above may indicate an overheating heating problem