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More Heat Dissipation

Question asked by jmorales on Jul 17, 2020

So, as previously asked I am still with this project but I may have managed to get more info and move some stuff. Heat Dissipation  

Putting it simple, I am going to work with a control system in an IP54 enclosure, or more, but it should be good enough with this.

I have some electronic components inside dissipating heat but my main concern is the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1606G, within the IMB-R1000 Mini-ITX Motherboard of ASRock Industrial. 
Now I am thinking of getting some ventilation inside with an IP54 fan or something, easening the airflow. 
What do you think, should it be enough the orignial assembly (pic attached), or would it be better to use heat pipes to get the heat dissipated directly to the inner walls? 
And also, now that I am at it, anyone with any experience on this would add any comment? I am thinking that perhaps, having the chance of getting airflow in I could use a Steel Box as well, not just Aluminium (which has 4~5 times thermal conductivity) as this is more expensive and has limited sizes.

Thanks for your time.
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