Ryzen 7 2700x error code 56

Discussion created by necromancer on Jul 18, 2020

Hello, I have recently built a new PC with these components:

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x (3.70ghz 1.0V)

GPU: GTX 980 Reference   

RAM: 2x4gb Crucial cl15 (cl16 is the fastest latency that these modules can run on) + 1x8gb Kingston Hyperx Fury cl15 (can run on cl15)

MB: Asus Rog Strix X570-E Gaming

Storage is irrelevant heres I guess.


So I have installed the CPU with its stock cooler with its stock thermal paste, everything worked fine.

But sometimes I get an error showing "56", but on the motherboard I have the VGA led lit up white.

So im confused if the error code 56 relates to "Invalid CPU Type or Speed" than why do I get a VGA error as well?


I also have a little hole on the CPU's surface next to the triangle is this normal?

And the CPU bottom looks like it got severely thermal pasted, but im not sure if I got the CPU like this or I did it by accident.


And the PC boots fine without any kind of errors if I reset the PC, this problem only happens a few times but the PC did never shut down.


Maybe 2 out of 20 times happens this, but it is still annoying cause I may have a faulty chip right?


I have reseated the GPU and the CPU already if you about to ask this.


Any help is appreciated!