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Black Screen after windows boot R7 370 4 GB

Question asked by jovanh on Jul 16, 2020

I was playing a video game and suddenly in the middle of the game i saw a gray screen and a sound after that my pc shut itself down. And i tried to turn it on anyways after trying i realized that i can no longer acces the desktop as i recieve a black screen every time i boot into windows (after the loadng logo), i watched some videos on youtube and what i did first is accessing the automatic repair and chose startup option and then accessed the safe mode, uninstalled the driver and restarted thoough this only removed the original driver with the microsoft basic display adapter and i was now able to see the desktop but using a dual monitor stup or sleep mode was gone. Next thing i did is accessing the DDU in the safe mode after that i restarted and tried to install the correct driver for my r7 370 through the adrenalin 2020 amd software installer , but after 50% or 60% im stll getting the black screen after some flickering , after some updates i managed to load windows witout black screen and i checked wich driver was there and it was the correct one but it had a yellow exclamation mark on it i tried reinstalling the driver again from amd website but i recieved the black screen again after one flicker , no mather if i updated the driver from device manager or from the original installer i still get black screen after some time of isntalation has passed. Here are my system specification;

AMD Fx8300 eightcore processor

AMD Radeon r7 370 4GB gpu

16GB of Hyperx ram

Motherboard; Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 (BIOS is the newest one fom 2014 and i think i got all the drivers needed)

Please help! I need my pc back!