AMD Ryzen 7 3700x random crashes

Discussion created by threeheadedsheep on Jul 17, 2020
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I upgraded my setup from Intel based to the AMD Ryzen 7 3700x.  I've had it for about six months now and after the same issue, I'm here on the forums seeking help. Typically I can diagnose issues like this as I've been working with builds for 15+ years but this one has me stumped. 


Long story short, I'm on my second power supply replacement and I'm about to get a third due to this issue. 


When I initially got the setup running in January parts I reused were the power supply and SSDs. Everything else was new, no known issues with the previous hardware. I gutted the Intel and threw everything together got the PC running, removed old drivers and installed new ones and checked the registry. System is water-cooled on both the CPU and GPU side, no overclocking. Everything was running smooth for about a month and then I started getting random crashes, bsod, no dump file, nothing. It would just shut off briefly and restart. (some history, this is my luck whenever I try to do an amd build... I don't know why but this happened to me the last time I tried an all amd build 10 years ago). 


So the restarts started happening, couldn't figure out why so I'd just work with it. A week passed and then it got to a point where it appeared the PSU completely failed and would no longer restart. Diagnosed every part by swapping and bench testing before I came to the conclusion that it was the power supply. 


I replaced the power supply and it's now end of July and everything was running smoothly again up until last week. The restarted started again and yesterday it finally died on me again. Exact same situation. This time around however, just to be sure it wasnt anything on the software side I reinstalled windows and did a fresh install. It reset 25 minutes into the desktop with nothing running but windows 10 in it's initial state. No bsod, no dump file, system event viewer just shows system power shutoff incorrectly...


So my question is not what failed, as I've already diagnosed it, but why. I don't want to keep buying new power supplies. Should I start looking at the Mobo as a culprit for premature PSU failure? 



AMD Ryzen 7 3700x CPU

ASROCK X570 Mobo

Corsair vengeance 4x8GB RAM

2x SSD

Radeon 5700XT GPU

1st PSU - 1000w Corsair 

2nd PSU - 1250w G.skill 


Timeframe is January - July