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COD Warzone freezes

Question asked by shindze on Jul 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2020 by shindze

Already from the very exit of Warzone, my 5700XT constantly gives out freezes in it. They do not occur immediately: but after a while. For example, I can play 1-3 fights normally, and then there will be freezes every 6-10 seconds.

I'll upload a video where I gave an example of these friezes. My card for some reason gives the game 120% of video memory, about 10 GB with 8 available - I think this is the reason for the freezes


The problem was and is on all versions of the driver!


Фризы в WARZONE - YouTube 

I7 8700 (non K)
5700 XT Gigabyte Gaming OS
Asus ROG Strix b360-g gaming
16GB ((KHX2666C13/8GX) x2)
970 EVO SATA M.2 SSD 250ГБ
Corsair TX750M
OS Win 10 v2004 64bit

Driver 20.7.2 and previous