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Intermittent low resolution and/or not detecting monitor in quad set up – HD 7700

Question asked by jeepster109 on Jul 16, 2020

Sometimes my quad set up will work perfectly fine in Windows 10 Pro, but at other times, one (and only one) of the four displays will downgrade to a 640x480 resolution. I have tried disconnecting and extending the desktop to the low resolution display, and that does not help. I've also tried restarting my computer, and that once in while will fix the problem but usually not. Another problem that I am experiencing his one of the displays will not be detected, and I go through the same fixes usually with no solution. Then suddenly one of the occasions on which I restart my computer, all four monitors will work fine at high resolution. I have tried going back to older software, and updated to the most recent, currently running Radeon software 20.4.2. The AMD Radeon setting software does not work when I tried to go Eyefinity and try to use quick set up. I get a message that – "your display configuration is changed and set up could not be completed. To restart the set up, click retry", but when I click retry I received the same message. I have had this issue for several years about 90% of the time I monitors work fine, but when this problem arises, none of the fixes I try work