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Should I re-report issues if the next driver doesn't fix them?

Question asked by asdf23451 on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by devilzzz

I'm having two issues with my 5700XT on Windows 7. I'd list my specs, but it happens on two entirely different systems, with even different keyboards and mice, so not much use there.


Issue 1 is a second of lag where the screen goes black before, and after a UAC prompt. It also happens with I do Ctrl + Alt + Del.


Issue 2: Anything graphically accelerated lags after a while of low GPU usage, games, videos, benchmarks, etc. It doesn't matter if a load like Furmark is applied after the issue happens, it still happens. I've only found two fixes, one is installing 19.7.5, the second is a temporary fix, moving a window makes things smooth again.

The issue is delayed, like the first day or two of use after installing the driver is perfectly fine, the longer the driver is installed, the more likely the issue is to appear.


If there's a new driver released, like 20.7.2, and the issue still happens, do I report these issues again, or do I wait?